SelfCare Backpack

What is SelfCare Backpack?

We're all different, no one size fits all. SelfCare Backpack offers resources to guide and assist you in putting together a pack to look after your specific mental health and wellbeing

"I know how to look after my physical health, but I don't know how to look after my mental health"

This question* is one that sparked the start of self care backpack. During my time living with anxiety and C-PTSD, I’ve learned a lot about self care and looking after my mental health, and I knew I could share my strategies with people. Maybe they’d find something useful. I started with a self care talk, which breaks down how I look at self care. I then started developing resources, starting with my Self Care Map, and then moving on. Finally, the SelfCare Backpack was born!

My workshop activities tend to focus around crafts or writing things down. I’m a big fan of tangibility, of getting your thoughts out of your head and onto paper or into a screen. It’s one of the things that helps me the most. I also really enjoy crafts and have got some great feedback from my workshop participants that low key crafting work really helps them engage with the subject matter.

*(or one very much like this, full disclosure: I don’t remember the exact wording)

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