Remote workshops and talks

Due to COVID-19, I’m offering remote options for my talks and workshops. I’ll be running some small webinars and talks during the UK lockdown but I’m also available for meetups and internal events.

My talks are all easily delivered remotely, and I can do sessions from 15min – 1hr long (including questions). All slides and resources will also be available after the session. My talks tend to change and get updated every time I give them, so there’s always new material in the talks.

My talks can cover the following:
– My experiences with anxiety
– Self Care and how to come up with a SelfCare Backpack of your own
– How to help other people (and how to reach out to others for help)
– What I’ve learned from organising Wellbeing Initiatives at work

My workshops and webinars cover the SelfCare Backpack resources, and provide time and space to work on the resources. Workshops work best when they’re set to at least an hour, and I can tweak the activities to fit the attendees’ needs.

The workshops can also be tweaked depending on time, resources available, and audience. For example: I can do a small session with a handful of people where we talk through the resources together for a more individual experience, or, if zoom is available, I can do a slightly larger session with breakout rooms.

Digital resources will be available for all workshop attendees by default, mailed copies can be organised post-lockdown.

Sound good? Contact me on to discuss times (and rates if applicable – rates apply to private companies on a sliding scale)


I do talks on mental health, self care, and wellbeing initiatives in the workplace.

I’m available for conferences, meetups, as well as company talks/internal events.

This talk was given at BSides Leeds in January 2019. Watch either on the left or watch on YouTube at


I offer 1hr and half day workshops around mental health and self care. I draw on things that have helped me to form activities and guided conversations that help people form their own self care tools to fill their backpack.

My workshops are centered around safety and sharing. As a trained Mental Health First Aider I have strategies to help ensure these workshops are as useful and safe as possible.